Green Screening

In Drama this term, (Term 4, 2012), the middle school students have been pulling together skills they’ve been accumulating all year. In terms 2 and 3, we worked on improvisation, summarising, script writing and short performances. They love Horrible Histories, but we’d noticed there was very little Australian history so, using inquiry skills, the students have been working in small groups to research and produce an Aussie Awful Anecdotes clip.

I’m the kind of teacher who doesn’t ask the students to do anything I’m not prepared to do or learn about myself.  I investigated green screening so they’d be able to make high quality presentations of their work.

After much hilarity, my daughter, Immy, and I have filmed a couple of clips using her bedroom wall as a green screen. It’s not perfect, but I think I’ll be able to trouble shoot any problems the kids encounter. It’s basic but here it  is.

Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to share some of what the kids produce.


About vanessa hiser

Primary and Secondary Educator; Academic Psychologist; Counsellor; mother; netballer; lifelong learner.
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