To trust or not to trust?

The daughter got a laptop, provided by the school to all Year 9 students. She has an iPod Touch and her first ever phone was a Christmas gift. She’s an amazing kid, very responsible and we can always trust her. The situation I have now is to decide how much monitoring of these devices is protective and adequate without invading her privacy? I don’t want to stop trusting her good judgment, but I am also very aware of the downsides of social media for younger people:

the distraction from homework;

the permanent nature of postings/screen shots and the like;

saying things you wouldn’t say face to face and how this can intensify relationships/friendship issues/the possibility of being misunderstood or interpreted.

It’s a minefield. I’ve spoken to her about these things and we have agreed to draw up a plan which will include limitations such as when social media is allowed, times when all devices are out of her room and how this will be monitored. Looking back at the title, I think it’s more about agreed standards of monitoring, not trust. Hopefully we’ll strike a balance!



About vanessa hiser

Primary and Secondary Educator; Academic Psychologist; Counsellor; mother; netballer; lifelong learner.
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