A short response to the SA Brighter Futures Blueprint

 I used to work in a support role in child protection. I left because of the frustrating lack of a holistic approach to child well-being; not enough funding, too many items in the ‘too hard’ box, too many agencies and stakeholders, the least influential of which was the child. I thought that becoming a teacher might be one way to provide a positive influence in a child’s life; to help them enjoy learning enough to give them the tools to break the negative cycles that a growing number of children are born into.

I watched this video with interest. How refreshing to hear some common sense applied, especially with regard to the acknowledgement that only around 40% of what influences  an individual’s outcomes are school related. With this information, there’s bound to be an unspoken, “Well there’s only so much we can do”, however, perhaps a cohesive, ’embryo to adulthood’ approach might just improve outcomes for those whose 60% of influential factors aren’t that great.

On a personal note, maybe (and I quote Keith Bartley (CEO of DECD)) my ‘many professional disciplines’, all wrapped up in the little package that is me, might secure some ongoing work. One can but hope that the Bright Futures will engender change and not just good intentions. 


About vanessa hiser

Primary and Secondary Educator; Academic Psychologist; Counsellor; mother; netballer; lifelong learner.
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